Majestic Echelon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Product Description

The Echelon fireplace delivers ultra-contemporary style in a wide format that allows you to view your fire from almost any angle. Plus, the exclusive Total Signature Command™ system provides high-tech control at your fingertips.


Venting Direct Vent
Heating Capacity Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Max BTUs/hr 23,000-45,000
Thermal Efficiency Up to 80%
Cost to Operate $0.36-$1.08*

* Based on cost/therm. According to the Federal Register Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products.

The Latest in Contemporary Design

Offering the very latest in contemporary styling, the Echelon is truly a designer fireplace, featuring a linear format and beautiful ribbon flame. Accented with unique finishing options like our gorgeous Stainless Steel Surround, this fireplace is truly a work of art. And with our Glass Illumination Light System, the Echelon is eye-catching even when it isn’t lit.

Wide Viewing Areas
Designed to deliver a beautiful flame picture, all of our fireplaces provide an expansive view of the fire that will delight friends and family.

Warmth and Comfort
No matter which style you choose, you can depend on Majestic fireplaces to deliver ample BTUs to help heat your home for years to come.

Exclusive Signature Command® System
Enjoy the ultimate in fireplace control, featuring a touch screen remote* and 3-step flame height adjustment. With electronic ignition, this system lights the pilot only when you turn it on to help save energy. And, with automatic battery back-up, you can be assured of fireplace operation even if the power goes out.

Safety First
Because our fireplaces were designed to deliver maximum BTUs to provide the best heating solutions for your home, the units will become hot to the touch. Consequently, all Majestic direct vent fireplaces come standard with a certified safety barrier. The black safety mesh barrier affixes to your fireplace and has been approved by a third party testing agency to conform to specific standards designed to prevent injury from hot glass.

Accessories That Fit Your Home and Lifestyle

Contemporary Faces
Contemporary faces add sleek sophistication to your fireplace. Available in 3 different finishes — Stainless Steel, Textured Black and Iron Age.

Aged Driftwood Log Sets
Available in 2 sizes, these finely crafted log sets bring an organic touch to your fireplace.

Black Porcelain Liner Kit
Porcelain liners create a dramatic, contemporary interior for your fireplace, perfect for showing off our optional glass kits.

Contemporary Glass Kits
Contemporary stone kits offer an alternative to traditional firebrick. Choose from a wide variety of compatible glass kits to create just the right accent.

Black Texture Trim Kit
Perimeter trim adds a finished look to your fireplace.

Blower Kit
Variable thermostat controlled forced air blower.

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