Specializing in inserts and fireplaces for the modern home, InSeason has a full inventory of gas, wood and electric inserts and fireplaces. From classic, contemporary or modern, a wide range of designs and features are available to match your homes unique style. Choose from some of leading manufacturers in the industry including Enviro, Vermont Castings, Piazzetta, Majestic, Town and Country, Stellar Heath and others. Our team of professionals are ready to help you answer any questions as you select the best options for your space. In addition to a full line of models and styles, we provide expert installation services for any size project.

High-Efficiency Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts
When it comes to fireplaces, gas fireplace inserts are among the most popular in Rochester, NY and we are proud to carry the latest styles and models of gas fireplace inserts, including wide screen, wall mounted and many other custom designer options. InSeason is your source for fireplaces accessories, fireplace tools, conversion kits, fireplace screens and doors. We work with homeowners, designers, architects and contractors in selecting and installing all manner of fireplaces for residential or commercial spaces. Visit our showroom in Henrietta or call us today to learn more.

High-efficiency fireplace inserts have proven effective in increasing the heating efficiency of older fireplaces. Essentially, the inserts function like wood stoves, fitting into the masonry fireplace or on its hearth, and using the existing chimney. A well-fitted fireplace insert can function nearly as efficiently as a wood stove. Studies have shown that proper installation of fireplace inserts is very important. Have a professional installer examine the fireplace and chimney to determine if they are suitable for an insert. Inserts should be as airtight as possible. The more airtight it is, the easier it is to control the fire and the heat output. The installer should use only approved fireplace insulating materials to fill any gaps between the fireplace mouth and insert shield. Modern Fireplaces Some modern fireplaces heat at efficiencies near those of wood stoves and are certified as low emission appliances. Although designed to include the fire-viewing benefits of a traditional fireplace, this generation of fireplaces can effectively provide heat as well. Through vents under the firebox, room air is drawn in, heated through a heat exchanger, and sent back into the house either through vents at the top of the fireplace or through ducts leading to nearby rooms. Some of these fireplaces are approved to route heated air to a basement auxiliary fan. The air then travels through ducts to other rooms in the house. The fireplace should have a dedicated supply of outside air for combustion. Flues leak heated and warm air out of your home. If you have a fireplace that you don’t use, plug and seal the flue. If you use the fireplace, be sure to close the flue when the fireplace is not in use. You could also use an inflatable stopper, to temporarily seal the chimney and avoid air leakage through the flue.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

  • Majestic Ruby 30

    Majestic Ruby Series Direct Vent Gas Insert

    Ruby series gas inserts make relaxing simple. Convert your high-maintenance wood fireplace into a source of warmth and enjoyment.

  • Majestic Ruby 35

    Majestic Ruby Series Direct Vent Gas Insert

    Ruby series gas inserts make relaxing simple. Convert your high-maintenance wood fireplace into a source of warmth and enjoyment.

  • Montigo 34FID Gas Fireplace Insert

    Adding supplementary heat to your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your tastes or a beautiful fire. We have brought our bright bold flames Montigo is known for and created a new generation of gas inserts.

  • Real Fyre Gas Fireplace Insert

    Nothing brings family and friends together like the beauty and warmth of a fire. Real Fyre® Direct Vent Gas Inserts combine dancing flames and glowing embers for the look of a wood fire but with the convenience and efficiency of a modern gas heater.

  • Valor G3.5 Gas Insert Series

    With over two decades of design innovation and four generations of Legend gas insert DNA, it’s no surprise that the Legend G3.5 exudes radiance, high efficiency and the ultimate in comfort control.

  • Valor G4 Gas Insert Series

    Switch your existing wood-burning gas fireplace into a reliable, heater-rated Valor gas insert. An industry leader in efficient gas insert products, Valor offers a wide selection of fireplace sizes that adapt to your existing masonry cavity.

  • White Mountain Hearth Innsbrook Direct-Vent Gas Insert

    A Direct-Vent Fireplace Insert turns your existing wood-burning fireplace into an efficient gas-fired heat source.

  • White Mountain Hearth Rushmore Gas insert

    RUSHMORE CLEAN-FACE Direct-Vent Fireplace Inserts Available in 30-inch and 35-inch models, Rushmore Direct-Vent Inserts turn your wood-burning fireplace into an attractive and efficient centerpiece.

Gas Fireplaces

Wood Fireplace Inserts

Wood Fireplaces

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Outdoor Wood Fireplaces

  • Majestic Montana Wood Outdoor Fireplace

    Get Back to Nature

    From a city rooftop to a suburban backyard retreat, you can create your own outdoor living experience with the ambience of an outdoor fire.