Valor L2 Linear Series Gas Fireplace


A bold statement in any living space, the L2 is luxury fireplace design at its finest. Inspired by the highly successful L1 series, the L2 boasts an impressive 50″ linear viewing area highlights magnificent flames within. Beautiful radiance on both high flame and low glowing embers, the L2 combines Valor efficiency and heat performance with the latest in contemporary styling.

The L2 is also ready to take the new HeatShift System™, we recommend this option especially for installations where cooler walls immediately above the fireplace are desirable.

Highly efficient and reliable home heaters, the Linear Series combines renowned Valor function with true contemporary form.

NG 36,000 19,000 25,916 67.00%
LPG 34,000 21,000 25,347 70.00%
Viewing Area:  46.375″ w x 13″ h = 602.88″²
Gas Type:  Natural Gas or Propane

HeatShift™ – Recommended for Linear Fireplaces

Recognizing homeowner needs and expectations is what separates Valor from the competition. Taking the concept of No Power, No Problem to the next level, Valor introduces a heat management system that redirects fireplace warmth to a higher elevation in the room.

Designed to reduce surface temperatures, the Valor HeatShift System™ is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive material directly above the fireplace. In essence, raising the heat outlet dramatically improves conventional airflow – reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance. 

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Gas, Propane

Vent Type

Direct Vent