Piazzetta P963C Freestanding Pellet Stove


Piazzetta P963 C Pellet Stove

A hand- made majolica surround with classic curved details. With added ceramic front pieces exposing a more traditional look.

Multifuoco System P963

  • Four speed forced ventilation system.
  • Warm air ducting up to 40 feet

Perfect warmth from the floor to the ceiling.

Standard on all SY models, Multifuoco System® is the extraordinary forced ventilation system with various speed settings which, together with many power levels, offers up to 20 combinations of operation. Multifuoco System® allows the heat produced by the stove to be distributed evenly throughout the room and also in adjacent rooms. For maximum heat efficiency, the fans continue to work even after the stove has been turned off.

Multifunction remote control

  • LCD display, timer, thermostat and Multicomfort function’,’Daily, weekly and weekend modes.
  • Dual time settings
  • Savings in comfort.

The LCD remote control with Multicomfort function gives you control over the temperature in the room where the stove is installed or in adjacent rooms. The remote control also acts as a timer thermostat offering weekly, daily and weekend programming options.

Electronic Monitoring


Piazzetta pellet stoves are constantly monitored by the electronic board so that you can always rest assured they are working properly. Any malfunction is shown with easy identifiable messages on the remote control display.


  • Daily, weekly and weekend modes.
  • Dual time settings

SY Structure

  • Enameled steel with door, burn pot and firebox in cast iron.
  • Guarantee of sturdiness and durability.

Door, firebox and burn pot can be up to 15 mm thick. Such thickness guarantees that the stove is structurally very robust and will have a long life.

SY Majolica cladding

  • Unique large hand-made pieces
  • Refined looks and heat storage

The majolica claddings are hand-made. These superb elements are the result of complex activities that require time and skill. Pieces made in such large dimensions not only enhance the stylishness of the product, but also ensure great heat storage followed by a prolonged distribution of heat.

Air Glass System

  • Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 1380 F / 750 C
  • Ventilated ceramic glass.

Air flows constantly over the ceramic glass, which is heat resistant up to 1380F/ 750°C, and in so doing helps to keep it clean. The large door allows for a pleasant and relaxing view of the fire.

Easy Cleaning

  • Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer

Maintenance couldn’t be easier.

The cyclic system for cleaning the burn pot while the stove is in operation optimizes combustion and efficiency. Routine maintenance when the stove is cold therefore becomes much simpler and more straightforward.


  • Humidifier with aroma diffuser

Well being in the home is essential. The stainless steel humidifier has been conceived to let you obtain the degree of humidity you need for a comfortable environment. To increase the feeling of well being, just add an aromatic essence to the water.


  • ArrayEfficiency : 91.7 %
  • EPA Emissions : 1.97 grams/hour
  • Room heating capacity (min-max) : 700 – 2600 sq ft.
  • BTU output (min-max) : 13,192 – 47,955
  • Hopper Capacity : 66 lbs
  • Burn rate (min-max) : 1.60 – 5.80 lbs/hr
  • Power adjustable (positions) : 5
  • Exhaust Vent Height/Location : 7.28 in
  • Dimensions WxDxH : 22.5 x 21 x 46 in
  • Total weight : 434 lbs
  • Multifuoco System : dual blower
  • Manufactured/mobile home approved


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Stove Type

Pellet Stove

Vent Type

Direct Vent